The objective of our Web based application Investment Service System is to provide integrated, uniform, relevant and up-to-date information of the Non Banking/Banking Investment business process to an enterprise. ISS brings together people who work on shared tasks within the same enterprise or in their dealings with investors and executives. Enterprises have to ensure a smoother flow of information at all levels and between all parts of their organization; to access up-to-date information. Workflow integrates business processes.


Applicant Details

  • New Applicant Entry
  • Edit Applicant Profile
  • Delete Applicant Profile
  • View Applicant Profile
  • Verify & Aprove Applicant
  • MoneyReceipt Print
  • Certificate/Bond Print

Executive/Agent Detail

  • New Executive Entry
  • Edit Executive Profile
  • Delete Executive Profile
  • View Executive Profile
  • Verify & Aprove Executive
  • Welcome Letter Print


  • Premium Payment
  • Executive Advance
  • Executive Commission
  • Sponser & Designation Modification
  • Maturity Payment
  • Cheque Issue
  • Cheque Payment
  • Executive Promotion
  • Bonus Payment
  • Special Day Commission

System Setup

  • Company INFO
  • Branch Setup
  • Common Master
  • User Details
  • Change Password
  • User Permission
  • Plan Master (MIS, MRS, FD, RD etc)
  • Ecommision Detail
  • Sms Integration

Statutory Reports:

Applicant Register

  • Joining Date Wise
  • Applicant Code Wise
  • Plan Wise
  • Branch Wise

Executive Register

  • Joining Date Wise
  • Executive Code Wise
  • Branch Wise

Collection Register

  • Date Wise
  • Executive Code Wise
  • Branch Wise

Advance Payment Register

  • Date Wise
  • Executive Code Wise
  • Plan Wise
  • Branch Wise

Business Summary

  • Date Wise
  • Branch Wise
  • Executive Code Wise

Maturity Payment Register

  • Date Wise
  • Branch Wise

Cheque Payment Register

  • Date Wise
  • Branch Wise

Bonus Register

  • Month Wise
  • Branch Wise

Executive Tree

Executive Business Statement

Executive Wise Advance Details Print

Applicant Money Receipt Print

Applicant Certificate/Bond Print

Discharge Certificate Register

Team Performance Report