In the past few years, the manufacturing sector has experienced periods of dramatic, accelerated change and a strong need for continuous innovation. Companies have moved from traditional manufacturer to the more complex roles of integration, subcontracting development, assembly and sales, and are often dealing with multiple distribution channels. In addition, manufacturers are challenged with :
  • Greater customer demand
  • Ongoing consolidation
  • Product diversification and price pressures
  • Large, outdated application portfolios
  • Increasing competition from new entrants around the globe

Threatened by these times of economic hardship, manufacturers are focused on top and bottom line growth, as well as improving sales productivity, marketing effectiveness, and customer relationship management initiatives.

LUCID Infotech is helping companies with revenue growth measures including the mining of customer data to ensure optimal forecasting, customer satisfaction, and improved marketing and sales efforts. In addition, our key cost control programs focus on inventory and storage reductions, manufacturing capabilities, and the creation of more efficient application systems. Our solutions include diversified manufacturing, consumer electronics, and high technology.

With a dedicated team of professionals worldwide, LUCID'S manufacturing practice offers clients deep industry expertise. Our active manufacturing clients include the largest OEM’s, largest networking and equipment manufacturers, the leading computer and electronics manufacturers, and many of the top companies. With this proven track record, we understand manufacturing and how to streamline client’s internal and external relationships through our Collaborative Business Experience.